Erap Estrada on the Moro Problem

Former President Erap Estrada has not been coy about his intention to commence “all-out” war against the MILF. In this article entitled “Erap: Government weak vs. MILF”, this “all-out” war position is further clarified.

Government is weak.

“Government should negotiate in position of strength. But right now, government is being weak. That is why so many lives are sacrificed and continued to be sacrificed with kidnappings, terrorism and massacre talking place,” he said.

All-out war is the policy.

“The former president said he is still bent on an all-out war against terrorists and rebel groups in Mindanao, particularly against the MILF and the Abu Sayyaf extremist groups.

I wouldn’t changed a thing. I would still do the same thing all over again. No regrets about having dealt with the problem that way. And if elected again as president, Estrada said, he is determined to crush the rebels in the south with an iron fist.

Estrada launched an all-out offensive against the separatist rebels which led to the downfall of the once impregnable Camp Abubakar, the MILF’s main camp in Central Mindanao.” (BM)