Changing the course of history

There were more than a 100 of them. Young and old, christians and muslims, men and women, schooled and unschooled – all poor, all powerless, all dispossessed, all displaced, all from Maguindanao. They talked with each other on the most vital and important matters which they themselves set. They talked about kauyagan (livelihood) and kalilintad (peace). They talked about breaking free the chains of fear and want. They are steadily becoming aware of their power – individual and collective – to seize and change the course of history. They are the bakwits.

One thought on “Changing the course of history

  1. We are now spending fruitless time, because even last March IMT-5th batch is arrivied and then starting for any activities as their mandate with CPC, but there is no sound about comprehensive probe & verification to 2008, August conflict its mean after MOA-AD is failed by SC as unconstitutional judgment. (MOA-AD conflict or MOA-AD WAR)

    But comprehensive prove & verification to the MOA-AD conflict is most significant mission as IMT for push to the peace process and also come back to normal life for IDPs.

    Yes, we are still lot of obstacle matters as political side and filed side. But I do not know what is problem on obstacle matters on political side, it is very high level dimensional involving diplomacy.

    For the filed side (on the ground) is maybe we will go to other “WAR”. Because, there is still hidden power as Ampatuan clean and their strong supporters as local politicians are keeping silence.

    In fact, Ampatuan power and local politician supporters are some time coming out from hidden place and then they are harassing to political enemies, even whatever enemies because it is RIDO. It is constant threat to pure civilians.

    Consequently, I wish that IMT take conduct comprehensive probe & verification to MOA-AD conflict. I thinking it is way of solve to Ampatuan clean problem after mascare incident and also any RIDO cases.

    Finally, hence if IMT can’t take comprehensive probe & verification to MOA-AD conflict since 2008, August, we will never find to ultimate solution on the ground problem.

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